Intelligent Heating Enhancement System - perfect for home central heating. Magic Heating Box is a major component of our revolutionary new central heating management system.

Designed to save you money on your heating bills and reduce your CO2 emissions, this clever system will improve your existing boilers efficiency by eradicating common central heating problems. It's custom design and ingenuous controller work seamlessly together to make this a unique product combination unlike any other on the market today.

We take great pride in sourcing all our components from within Europe, and our entire manufacturing process is carried out in the UK.

How to Describe the Magic Heating Box - Part of the Central Heating Management System

The Magic Heating Box is a square pressure vessel made of high grade steel and 28mm insulation. The box has a 17 litre water capacity. It acts as a natural heat exchanger by mixing hot flows from the boiler with cooler radiator returns.

This ensures that the returning water temperature to the boiler is below the dew point (57°C) and gives an opportunity for the boiler to remain in condensing mode all day and thereby ensuring maximum efficiency.

The flow from the boiler enters the Magic Heating Box in a vertical direction allowing air to escape from solution and subsequently vented through a deaerator. (The Box is 600 times more efficient at extracting air than a deaerator fitted to a standard pipe) (source:rah consultancy). The system is purged of air at source making bleeding of radiators unnecessary.

The Magic Heating Box is connected to your central heating plumbing and is normally sited close to either the boiler, water cylinder or even in the loft space.

Whats Inside the Box?

REMEMBER IS NOT JUST A BOX BUT A SYSTEM WITH ALL OUR GLOBUS COMPONENTS. When you purchase a Magic Heating Box you are not just installing a Magic Box but you are purchasing a whole package that will improve your whole system. The package includes:


How long does it take to install?

The Magic Heating Box is an enhancement to your existing central heating system. Installation takes 1 to 2 days and requires no ongoing maintenance. It is compatible with most central heating systems, either open vented or pressurised:

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Solid Fuel
  • Radiators

Proven money saver with condensing boilers

The Central Heating Management System is proven to make savings for all common boiler types reducing the fuel used. In particular condensing boilers will only condense efficiently when the water returning back to the boiler is below 55°

Condensing boilers will only condense efficiently when the water returning back to the boiler is below 55°C. Unfortunately with the current systems most boilers only condense at start up stage as the return temperature exceeds 55°C. Therefore most households lose out on the benefits that condensing boilers provide. When the Magic Heating Box is installed, the return temperature stays below 55°C keeping your modern condensing boiler in condensing mode. The Magic Heating Box is the only product available on the market today that can keep a boiler in condensing mode without having to sacrifice your comfort levels.

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