Professional Facade Coating - secoTHERM™

Protect your masonry from penetrating damp. Improve the thermal resistance of your exterior walls and benefit by saving up to 30% on your energy bills by coating them with secoTHERM™

Damp Walls Are Thermo-bridges

Damp walls are thermal bridges - if moisture collects in the pores of the wall, more heat is transferred than would be possible if the cavities were filled with air. The thermal conductivity of the wall decreases enormously with dampness.

Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower isulation performance by up to 50%. This is especially pertinent where cavity wall insulation has been installed because when the insulation is wet it loses its thermal value. Many house owners don´t realise this fact.

secoTHERM™ creates a self cleaning surface that will protect against dirt, pollution, damp an UV light degradation. secoTHERM™ has been tested according by Danish Technological institute for its thermal properties an has been proven in test to reduce energy consumption.

Damp Walls Thermo-image

How Does It Work?

secoTHERM™ chemically bonds to the substrate up to 17mm and is therefore extremely resistant to weathering and UV rays.

How It Works

The protected surface repels water and microorganisms, dirt finds it difficult to adhere, any particles are simply washed away by rain or just by mild cleaning. The building remains permeable to water vapor.

Benefits of Masonry Surfaces Treated With secoTHERM™ :

  • Improves the thermal efficiency of the masonry by keeping it dry. (Potential energy savings up to 30%)
  • Maintaining the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation.
  • Reduction in heat loss.
  • Offers a self-cleaning surface.
  • Slow ageing or break down of surface.
  • Less susceptible to the growth of microorganisms.

Superior Technology and Durability

secoTHERM™ is developed to the highest standards and is THE ULTIMATE WEATHER PROTECTION for mansory walls and bricks. Water und UV degradation are the two key elements in the damage of masonry surfaces. secoTHERM™ is completly unaffected by UV rays and creates a barrier against water while the exterior wall surface remains permeable to water vapour.

secoTHERM™ Brick Protection

Preventing water ingress through exterior walls and bricks can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Porous building materials such as natural stone, bricks, solid brick, etc. normally have good insulating properties because they have air-filled cavities which offer low thermal conductivity. But only when they are dry.

Proven Performance

Water absorption can be minimized dramatically by treating with secoTHERM™ On a porous brick the water absorption will be reduced with more than 95%. secoTHERM™ has been tested to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating its hygrothermal performance on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone.

Brick Protection

The product penetrates deeply into the substrate and offers protection for up to 20 years. 30% or more depending on the porosity of the masonry.

Biological growth and stains do not just look dirty but can also result in surface decay due to frost damage and can cause major humidity problems.

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